Elderberry Immune Elixir
Elderberry Immune Elixir
Elderberry Immune Elixir
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Elderberry Immune Elixir

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From Organic Olivia

Health Benefits
  • A super-concentrated elderberry extract syrup, famous as a delicious remedy for building immunity
  • Contains a whopping 6400mg of active elderberry per serving
  • SUGAR-FREE thanks to a base of vegetable glycerin rather than honey or agave
  • Safe for daily use for the whole family (including kids!)

Black elderberries have a rich history in the world of herbal medicine as a must-have for supporting the immune system during cold and flu season.

Although it has been a staple in herbalist’s medicine cabinets for centuries, elderberry syrup specifically rose to fame across the world after a 2009 study was released demonstrating its ability to effectively inhibit the H1N1 strain of the flu (Roschek, et.al., 2009). This came as no surprise, since elderberries support the immune system and recovery process in several different ways.

First and foremost, elderberries are considered “immune-stimulating,” meaning they tell your immune soldiers that “it’s time to get to work right now!” This is different from medicinal mushrooms in my ImmuneShroom formula, which is more of an “immune-modulating” blend that brings the immune response up or down as needed. For this reason, elderberry syrup is best consumed at the very first sign of illness or just after a known exposure to someone who is sick. If you are someone with a very weak immune system who catches every bug that goes around, it can also be taken in small daily doses preventatively during the entirety of cold and flu season or during times of increased exposure (such as holiday or airplane travel).

Second, research shows that elderberries have an additional benefit of inhibiting viral replication (Kinoshita, et.al., 2012). In one Norwegian study, 60 patients were given elderberry syrup within the first 48 hours of developing flu symptoms. This included patients with both type A and type B influenza. The patients receiving elderberry were over the flu virus within an average of 4 fewer days than those with placebo. (Zakay-Rones, et al, 2004).

Elderberry syrup must be extracted by hot water decoction in order to deactivate any irritating glycosides in the berries through the use of heat. When thoroughly cooked down in hot water, you get the most potent and 100% safe end product that is suitable for kids and adults alike. We cook the berries for several hours in a steam jacketed kettle and then press the berries to maximize extraction. Then we reduce it down enough to make room to add in the vegetable glycerin base (derived from organic palm so it’s corn, soy and gmo-free).

We chose vegetable glycerin for our Elderberry Immune Elixir over honey or agave for several reasons:

  1. Vegetable glycerin has a delicate sweetness but contains no sugar and therefore makes our elderberry syrup completely sugar-free and safe for diabetics. Inclusivity is always our top priority which is why most of our tinctures use glycerin instead of alcohol as well; many people prefer not to consume it for religious or personal reasons.
  2. Vegetable glycerin naturally preserves the elderberry syrup without the requirement of refrigeration. Most honey or agave-based syrups must be refrigerated after opening, which makes traveling tricky. Our elderberry syrup travels just as easily as our tinctures do… just pop it in your bag and go!
  3. While honey or agave-based syrups taste great, I find that the sugar adds up very quickly when you’re taking a therapeutic dose of 4-6 teaspoons per day at the first sign of illness. Elderberry is meant to be high-dosed when you’re exposed to a bug, and I don’t like consuming that much sugar in a day especially when my body is fighting something. That’s why I had to make my own with glycerin – it still tastes great but is more aligned with my diet and lifestyle.

Our Elderberry Immune Elixir is highly concentrated (with 6400mg of active plant medicine in every serving) but is still safe for the whole family, including children. It’s nourishing, building, and starts working right away. We press every last berry to maximize extraction, only use organic berries, and never add sugar or artificial flavors. It’s as natural and pure as you can get.

HOW TO USE (ADULTS): Take 2 teaspoons every 3 hours at the first sign of a virus invasion. For daily prevention throughout cold and flu season, take 2 teaspoons per day.

HOW TO USE (KIDS): The adult dosage is based on a 150lb person. Childrens’ dosages will also depend on weight. If the child is ~75lbs, you would use half the adult dose. If the child is ~35lbs, you would use a quarter of the adult dosage.


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