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Dance with the timeless magic of tarot✨🌞

We’ve all felt like we’re at a crossroads. We’ve all felt like we’re in a rut or a fog. Our souls recognize love and hope and joy, just as they empathize with pain and suffering. We’ve all felt the familiar sensation of deja vu, and we’ve all been instantly swept back to a moment in time when a specific song is played.

There are universal lessons that our souls learn, which are represented in the ancient tool of the tarot. We are all more connected than we care to admit most of the time.

My Personal Journey

My journey with tarot has felt much more like remembering than learning. It’s all too perfect and wonderful, then, that my favorite deck is the Wayhome Tarot created by Bakara Wintner. Tarot provides a direct vessel for divination, and i believe it can connect us with our higher selves and provide space for us to receive guidance. Tarot is a no-bullshit way to really hash out what’s going on in your world. Connecting with the cards allows us to gain insight into even the shittiest of situations, and provides perspective on how to grow from there.

Who should book a Reading?

The tarot is all about recognizing magic in the mundane. If you have a need for clarity, a thirst to dive deeper, or simply need to talk to a friend, then a tarot reading with me is for you! I would be honored and ecstatic to sit with you and the cards.

What does it include?

Phone Readings: Tarot readings include an in-depth phone call with me, with as many questions or topics as you’d like, as time allows. It also will include a pdf summary of your spread & the topics we cover on the call, for you to review later. You are also free to record the Reading if you’d like, with the understanding that it is for your own personal use and not for distribution whatsoever.

Email Readings: The mini email reading includes a 3-card spread and maximum one focus question (optional, you don’t have to have a specific question!) with no additional cards pulled.

The regular email reading is similar to a phone reading, in the sense that it is a conversation back and forth with the ability for you to ask questions, give feedback, more cards pulled, etc. At the end of each email reading, you will receive a pdf description of your spread just like you would if we had conducted the reading over the phone.

Note: If you prefer an Oracle Card Reading as opposed to Tarot, that is completely fine and you can add a note when you sign up for an appointment, or you can tell me the day of your Reading!

If you have specific questions or intentions, feel free to let me know in the notes of your purchase. They also may come up during the reading, which is wonderful! If you have any questions or concerns at all, please do not hesitate to reach out!

May you step into your power, magic, and radiance. ✨💛